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Re: LDAP Client & Server with Kerberos

On Friday 04 January 2008 16:46:40 sanjay gupta wrote:
> Hello,
> I have done default compilation for openldap-2.3.38 now trying to run ldap
> client (ldapsearch) with Kerberos so that ldap client can use session
> ticket to perform the LDAP lookup on LDAP server.Please let me know what
> required to make ldap client work with kerberos.
> I did not see any option to compile & build openldap lib with kerberos
> support & when I do ldapsearch with -K option it shows error "ldapsearch:
> not compiled with Kerberos support".

$ ldapsearch 

(specifically no -x flag, as you want SASL).

should be sufficient, assuming all your configuration is correct, you have a 
ticket, and the LDAP server has a keytab for ldap/$hostname, where you are 
connecting to '$hostname' (in your ldap.conf, or via -h $hostname).

Of course, some logging output from your LDAP server, and the KDCs the LDAP 
server and LDAP clients are configured to use would help.

> Please suggest me the right way to do ldapsearch with kerberos support or
> what client & server command line option required to run it with kerberos.

Without -x, ldapsearch will use SASL. Additionally, ldapsearch will try and do 
the most appropriate thing, with a ticket, if your LDAP server has GSSAPI 
available (and avertised as one of the supportedSASLMechanisms)