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Re: problems binding to openldap


Svancara, Randall wrote:
I just set up OpenLDAP authentication on ubuntu linux. Linux authenticates against the LDAP database just fine.
[ bind with dn: cn=... works while bind with dn: uid=... doesn't work. ]
I am trying to figure out why I can not bind using uid? Any ideas?

Simple: The entry you are authenticating with has the dn "cn=..." and you can only bind with the dn, not with any attribute of an entry.

If have an application where uid is given for authentication you first have to search the directory (presumably authenticated as a different dn) for the dn of the entry containing that uid. Then you can bind with the dn found and the password submitted.

And "linux" (you probably mean some combination of pam_ldap and nss_ldap) does just that.


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