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Re: write, then read delay with syncrepl/slapo-chain ?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Peter Mogensen wrote:
Ah... "don't use copy" is slapd 2.4. I forgot to say I'm on 2.3 - for now.
Anyway... I thought that was the whole point of slapo-chain - to get
automatic referral chasing.

It is. But if a client knows it's doing something weird (like write, then read, potentially to a consumer) then it needs to take precautions, like don't use copy. In that case, the consumer would return a referral, and slapo-chain would chase it transparently.

ah... Fair enough. I see what you meant now. That would also be ok. A lot better for me than handling database connections to the master. Unfortunately that seems to imply a move to slapd 2.4.

Thanks for the input.