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Re: Segmentation fault

sf.techguy@gmail.com wrote:
[ I posted this to the OpenLDAP tech list, and they suggested
re-posting here. It was suggested to upgrade to a newer version of
OpenLDAP, but for various reasons, upgrading to is problematic, and
I'm willing to endure an unreasonable amount of pain to try to get it
working with my ancient version. :) ]

In this case your amount of pain includes learning how to debug code yourself, because nobody on the Project cares to spend any time debugging obsolete code. I suggest you read up on how to use gdb.

Some tips to get started are here

but you'll likely need to dig deeper than a simple backtrace.

Running OpenLDAP 2.2.19 on Darwin kernel v. 8.11.1, and when I issue:

/usr/sbin/slapcat -d 5 -v -l /Users/localadmin/Desktop/bkup.ldif

I get the following output:


# id=00000070
entry_decode: "cn=raidgroup,cn=groups,dc=fileserver,dc=mydomain,dc=private"
<= entry_decode(cn=raidgroup,cn=groups,dc=fileserver,dc=mydomain,dc=private)
# id=00000071
slapcat shutdown: initiated
Segmentation fault


Anyone know how I can track down what's causing this segmentation fault?

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