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RE: Chaining ppolicy state attributes

> In as much as Pierangelo says that it was, as of Jan. 18th 2007, not
> possible to chain these attributes, I have to take notice of that.
> However, my site's been running ppolicy in production since the
> beginning of Dec. with much tweaking and experimenting before that
> (different utilities and mechanisms have to be able to support ppolicy
> or a corresponding alternative).
> pwdAccountLockedTime specific is an attribute that "disappears" as soon
> as that time is over, so I can't check that, but mention was made of
> pwdChangedTime and pwdHistory.

pwdAccountLockedTime was only an example, though, really useful (required)
when having replicas. 

> At my site one of the chaining (slave) machines is an OL 2.3.38 Samba
> PDC; I've just changed the password of a "test rabbit" user with
> smbpasswd and changed it back again. smbpasswd respects referrals,
> doesn't chain. I see clearly (with GQ, a GUI) that pwdChangedTime and
> pwdHistory have replicated back to the slave (and for that matter to 2
> other slaves as well, that had nothing to do with the transaction). The
> same happens when using the pam passwd libraries from a slave to update
> the master. However, from the master's changelog I see that it wasn't
> the master's accesslog that was responsible for replicating these
> changes. I can only observe that these attributes are replicated, but in
> as much as Pierangelo says that it's the implementor that's responsible,
> let's leave it at that.

My experience (which I am trying to validate here) is that with chaining,
the updates to the policy attributes do not get pushed up to the master.
They stay local to the instance on which the connection existed. (I have 1
master and 2 consumers -- it would be possible for all three to have
different values -- or no value at all). I wonder if what you are seeing is
more of a result of the referrals then the chaining? I could have something
messed up though also.

> If your primary worry is that these attributes won't get replicated,
> then you can put your mind at rest. For obvious reasons the whole
> ppolicy thing would be pretty useless to my site if these attributes
> were not replicated.

The primary worry is that they do not get replicated (since I am not seeing
that). What version of OpenLDAP are you using?


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