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Re: How to generate an LDIF file?

Quanah Gibson-Mount ha scritto:

--On December 13, 2007 7:04:18 PM +0100 canaparo <marco.canaparo@cnaf.infn.it> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I have to write a program in C++ that generates a valid LDIF file (both
related to the LDIF syntax and LDAP schema). It is possibile to do
without having a running LDAP server?  Any suggestion for libraries that
helps for this task? (e.g. something similar to Xerces-C++ for XML).

LDIF is defined by RFC. Read the RFC and get the rules for generating LDIF.

therefore I've to conclude that there is no open source library enabling to write a program which creates and serializes well-formed LDIF data to be used as active entries.

Thanks, Marco



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