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Re: [Fwd: Can't compile OpenLDAP with Berkekey DB: File format not recognized]

Gavin Henry skrev, on 19-12-2007 17:49:

What arch are you on again? Also, try with 2.4.7.
I don't recall ever seeing any post from ben@fallinganvils.com. Perhaps
it were best, were you to quote the whole post from OP for cases where
we mortals have to await the adjudicator's arise from slumber.


See below. It was actually sent to -bugs, but I brought over to -software
for this e-mail.


I am installing by compiling from source on a debian box logged in as
myself in my home directory.

I give up on this, here, already.

Don't, without being enforced, wish to partake, any more (basically had enough), of Debian.



Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl