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Need help:slapd crashed in syncrepl and mirror mode when deleting entry

I?m using OpenLDAP 2.4.7 and using the mirrormode and syncrepl.
My setup has 2 LDAP nodes, one as master and other as slave through a VIP.
When the master goes down, the slave will become master and vice-versa.
At any point to keep both the LDAP in sync I'm using mirror mode and syncrepl.
When one node , say A is up (that is the active node) and the other node B is down, I delete some LDAP entry from node A. THen when i start node B, the slapd on node B crashes and i see a core file also.
I have attached the logs (node_A_ldap.out and node_B_ldap.out ) files.
I?m using the following conf file.
database        bdb
directory       $MMAIL_VAR_DIR/ldap/ipu-mail-ldap
suffix          "o=mereonmail"
rootdn          "cn=admin,o=mereonmail"
rootpw          secret
index           objectClass,entryCSN,entryUUID pres,eq
index           mail,cn      eq,sub
overlay syncprov
syncprov-checkpoint 100 10
syncprov-sessionlog 100
syncrepl      rid=1
        retry="60 +"
mirrormode on
serverID      $NODE_ID
PS: rid= 1 in both node A and node B.
      provider points to the other peer node.
     serverId= 1 on Node A and serverId= 2 on Node B
Is this is know bug in OpenLDAP2.4.7??
Thanks in advance for your help.

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