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Re: Regarding distributed directory services

Aaron Richton wrote:

> (0) Don't edit core.schema, as OpenLDAP may ship a new one in a future
> release. Leave your local schema in local files.
> (1) These objects are hard coded in schema_prep.c. They are standardized
> OIDs. They do not need to be redefined in core.schema, and were not
> there for this reason.
> (2) These are standardized definitions. Do not attempt to modify them.
> Obtain your own OID arc if necessary. See the relevant RFCs for details.

And (3): as the error message indicates, the "ref" attribute is
operational; as such, it cannot be defined by the user through a change
in the configuration.  In fact, being operational, the implementation
needs to know how to deal with it (e.g. how to populate and use it).


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