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Re: Help Needed with mirrormode configuration in 2.4.6

<quote who="Savithri">
>   Hi,
>   I?m using OpenLDAP 2.4.6 and trying to use the mirrormode and syncrepl.
>   My setup has 2 LDAP nodes, one as master and other as slave through a
> VIP.
>   When the master goes down, the slave will become master and vice-versa.
>   At any point to keep both the LDAP in sync I want to use mirror mode and
> syncrepl and I?m using the following conf file.
>   database        bdb
>   directory       $MMAIL_VAR_DIR/ldap/ipu-mail-ldap
>   suffix          "o=mereonmail"
>   rootdn          "cn=admin,o=mereonmail"
>   rootpw          secret
>   index           objectClass,entryCSN,entryUUID pres,eq
>   index           mail,cn      eq,sub
>   overlay syncprov
>   syncprov-checkpoint 100 10
>   syncprov-sessionlog 100
>   syncrepl      rid=1
>           provider=ldap://${MMAIL_LDAP_PEER_HOSTNAME}:$MMAIL_LDAP_PORT
>           bindmethod=simple
>           binddn="cn=admin,o=mereonmail"
>           credentials=ipunity
>           filter="(objectClass=*)"
>           searchbase="o=mereonmail"
>           schemachecking=on
>           type=refreshAndPersist
>           interval=00:00:00:01
>           retry="60 +"
>   mirrormode on
> But with the above conf file an the both the nodes ( rid = 2  on the other

The docs on the main site are out of date, I did them wrong the first
time. The latest version isn't up yet for MirrorMode, but will be when
2.4.7 is out this week.

Each config has to be the same, including rid, except you now need:

serverID: 1

on one node and:

serverID: 2

on the other. Apart from that, both configs are the same (obviously
changing where they point too ;-) ).

Search "man slapd.conf" for serverID