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OpenLDAP Planning


We are somewhat new to OpenLDAP and are planning on how we'll use it for
our business.

We have a few different uses we plan on, but one in particular that I
have a question about.

We already have our email server setup to run virtual domain and aliases with a MySQL backend.
We have a few thousand email addresses at one domain and we pretty much
won't need more meta-information related to them besides what is already
in our database.

A spam firewall appliance sits in front of our email server. The spam firewall supports an LDAP lookup for email addresses.

Since we already use MySQL for the backend of our email addresses, what
would be the ways we should consider integrating OpenLDAP to support the
spam firewall appliance?

I'm wary of using back-sql since all I ever see when searching through
the OpenLDAP archives are somewhat old issues and lack of support.
If I'm wrong about shying away from that, let me know.

It seems to me that we need a very simple implementation for this part
of our business. Our schema only needs to include the email address,
that's it.

For other areas of our business we'd want to setup something more
extensive on another server, but what would you see as options for
setting up what we be required for this appliance lookup?

Thanks for your input! I'll post questions about our other uses or
issues of OpenLDAP in another thread.