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Re: logging

Buchan Milne wrote:
On Saturday 08 December 2007 01:42:02 Craig wrote:
- how much time it took to answer the request

IMHO you should avoid using a logging system as a performance monitoring system.

I didn't mean to say that I was looking at logging for fine-grained performance analysis. I only wanted something that would show rough numbers to signify that there was a possible problem. I.e. it takes 60 seconds to answer some particular request. That is either a sign of the server being overloaded or that the client is sending an inefficient query.

can be done with a monitoring tool that monitors the contextCSNs. I have a script that does that for use with hobbit:


Thanx for the pointer.

The current log level scheme doesn't seem to support that.
seems to. Of course, whether this is the most sensible way to achieve what you

Unfortunately, I was looking at some old documentation (web page).

want, we can't know, as you only told us how you want to do it (parse logs), not what you are trying to achieve (understand performance, ensure replication is occurring and that slaves are in sync?).

I feel the rest of your comments on logging are irrelevant until you tell us what you are trying to achieve (as logging might not be the best method).

I was simply looking for some advice on how to configure logging to get information X,Y,Z. My only comment about parsing was that I didn't care about the format, I just cared about the data.

Our LDAP servers are working just fine. I was looking at the logs and they were a little more verbose in some areas and less in others. I just wanted the logs have enough information so that if I had a problem I could start to debug what was going on. Yet, I don't want "logging" to start affecting performance.