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Re: logging

> Same old story. You get perfectly good (and usually accurate) docs bundled
> with the source code. Why people start by searching the web, which is only
> going to return inaccurate/outdated cruft, written by people who aren't
> intimately familiar with the subject matter, just doesn't make any sense,
> and
> it really discourages/frustrates/pisses off those of us writing the docs
> (and
> the code).


> Ignorance isn't a particular crime of course, nobody can know everything.
> But
> for the most part, LDAP is for sysadmins, and sysadmins have to have
> problem
> solving skills to be able to perform their jobs. It's not about knowing
> everything, it's about knowing how to find out what you need to know. That
> means knowing efficient processes for finding answers - knowing where to
> look,
> how to look, or how and what to ask.

Basic problem solving.

> Life is short, time is limited for every one of us. Make the most of the
> time
> available to you, don't waste it.

Don't we know it.