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Re: logging

> There is no "plan" - OpenLDAP grows when an interested developer shows up
> and
> writes code that they're interested in. There was an effort to introduce
> various log levels back in the OpenLDAP 2.1 timeframe but it turned out to
> be
> too cumbersome and we eventually gave up on it. If someone else wants to
> take
> a stab at it, they're welcome to give it a go.

During the lifecycle of OpenLDAP 2.3, we were requested by a customer to
provide syslog level capability in custom code.  The request sounded fair
enough to result in a general feature that eventually made it into 2.4
(the "Log" macro family).  However, at that time,

- resources (read: money and time) were too short for the thousands of
messages in OpenLDAP sources

- a change of the whole code would have required consensus in general, and
consensus on the most appropriate level for each message, or at least for
each message type, and we couldn't guarantee this within the time
constraints of that work.

So this feature was wrapped by the old "Debug" macro to preserve the
original behavior.  If anybody feels like classifying the messages,
seeking consensus on syslog levels, and modifying the code accordingly, I
think this effort would be more than welcome.  As a side effect, it would
allow to get rid of the format mismatches when compiling with -Wall :)

> I think loglevel "stats" already provides most of what you want. Add
> loglevel
> "sync" to that and you should be good to go.

Probably "sync" is too analytic for most needs, it could be split into an
"sync-stats" level and a "sync-trace" level (the former could just be
triggered by "stats"?), but this is getting OT for this answer


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