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Re: custom schema oddness?

If you just add the schema, they should only show up in cn=Subschema. You have to actually add/modify the data in the directory, placing values in the new attributes in some entries, before the attributes will start to appear in OpenLDAP's slapcat/ldapsearch. (I can't speak to phpLdapAdmin.)

If you're wondering if they're getting loaded, I believe slapd -d config shows schema file parsing.

On Tue, 4 Dec 2007, Mike Eggleston wrote:

I have a custom schema for my site that has five fields.
During the LISA '07 conference I had an idea for two more
fields. I added the fields to the schema and restarted slapd.
The fields do not appear in the ldif output from ldapsearch
nor do the fields appear in phpLdapAdmin.

Do I need to slapcat and slapadd the entire database to get
these new fields to appear?

openldap 2.3.30
fedora core 5