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ldap queries rewriting

Hello list.

We have a copier here with a scan-to-mail feature allowing to use LDAP
for extracting list of email adresses for users. Unfortunatly, the full
user list is retrieved, splitted in groups according to first letter of
their email adress, but any entries over 100 in a group are excluded
from selection. As we have 120 entries in the A-E group, we have
excluded 20 users...

As copiers are usually department specific, filtering queries by group
membership would allow us to workaround the issue. Unfortunatly, the
copier doesn't allow to set up a filter :(

Is this possible to do some kind of server-side query rewriting, as
mod_rewrite does for apache ? I initially thought of setting up a
dynamic group, but this would create a single entry with multiple mail
attribute, whereas the copier expect a list of entries with single mail
attribute (didn't tested it tough).
Guillaume Rousse
Moyens Informatiques - INRIA Futurs
Tel: 01 69 35 69 62