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slapadd import/slapd startup:AttributeType errors in Buchan RPMs??


I've recently installed Buchan's OpenLDAP rpms because I wanted to use
more features of OpenLDAP... mainly the overlays/modules. I downloaded
them from http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages/... and installation was

I've exported my database to LDIF format and when I try to import the
data via slapadd using the new openldap server config, I get the
following error:

-bash-3.00# /usr/sbin/slapadd -f /opt/ldap-master/etc/slapd.conf -l
/usr/share/openldap2.3/schema/core.schema: line 366: AttributeType not
found: "description"
slapadd: bad configuration file!

Looking at the core.schema file, I see that the "description"
AttributeType is commented out because it's a "system schema"....
along with a few others, like "userPassword". As I keep uncommenting
the several attributes, the slapadd process succeeds a bit more.

However, when starting slapd, it errors about duplicate attribute
types... the ones I uncommented. So I decide to go back to leaving
them commented as was intended by the author. But this case causes the
import to fail.

So, where is the "system schema" found and how do I include it in the
main slapd.conf file so that the import process finds these
attributes? I've looked through the distribution to find it, but I've
not come up with anything. My guess is that it's included in a library
or compiled into the daemon.

So how do I fix my problem? Thoughts?