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Re: account locking strategy

Buchan Milne skrev, on 05-12-2007 07:43:

I have to handle account locking on our directory, so as to keep accounts from people not working here anymore. On Buchan's suggestion, I used ppolicy sofar, with pwdAccountLockedTime attribute set to 000001010000Z to lock unused account. This is really handy to handle unix account and web applications account at once. However, they are also some drawbacks:
Dunno, this is probably all too child-like, but my site has an attribute 'acountStatus' from qmail.schema. This is because my master provider is also an MTA.

If it isn't set to "active", whoever it is on the MTA can't do nothing no more.

Not true, if it is set to nopop the user can still receive mail ...

No, this is not a boolean match, it's a caseIgnoreIA5Match and my search filter is '(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(accountStatus=active))'. That "active" string is necessary for mail to work for the user.

However, this is another example of an application-level control
(objectclass shadowAccount is another example), which means you need to
jump through hoops to try and ensure all your applications use the same
attributes in the same way to have a consistent behaviour.

Thus, having a more conventient "lock this user", or "this entry - not
it's password - expires at this time" method on the directory side would
be convenient.

Here again this might be too specific, but my sites both use ppolicy for all users. That includes the attribute pwdLockoutDuration. If one has an alternative policy for locked out users and sets pwdLockoutDuration to empty or 0 for locked out users (a simple MOD is all that's needed to change policies), the slapo-ppolicy man page states that "the password cannot be used to authenticate the user to the directory again until it is reset by an administrator".



Tony Earnshaw
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