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Re: BDB corruption after LDAP restart

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Hi tony,

Tony Earnshaw escreveu:
> William Marques skrev, on 29-11-2007 11:50:
>> I'm using openldap 2.3.35, which comes with ubuntu 7.10
>> After make some changes in slapd.conf and restarting LDAP, my database
>> is corrupted.
>> I'm using replication with slurpd, don't know if it has something to
>> do with my problem.
>> Does anyone knows or have a clue of whats happening?
>> Any ideas are welcome, thanks in advance.
> Well, it might just be an idea to list what changes you made - so that
> other ubuntu 7.10 users on this list might recognize the symptom.
I will do it. But I'm starting to think, that it's not the changes, but
the restart process, by itself.
> Me using Fedora FC6 and RedHat RHEL5 has no problem with changing
> slapd.conf parameters, but then again I use syncrepl, not slurpd
> (because it's a completely different animal and does its job much better).
> --Tonni

Hum... I will read the docs for syncrepl, I read in some place that in
the future slurpd will not be suported anymore.

Thanks for your help.

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