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Re: BDB corruption after LDAP restart

--On November 29, 2007 8:50:28 AM -0200 William Marques <williamarques@yahoo.com.br> wrote:

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Hi list,

I'm using openldap 2.3.35, which comes with ubuntu 7.10
After make some changes in slapd.conf and restarting LDAP, my database
is corrupted.
I'm using replication with slurpd, don't know if it has something to
do with my problem.
Does anyone knows or have a clue of whats happening?
Any ideas are welcome, thanks in advance.

How did you restart it? What sort of errors is it reporting? What version of BDB are you using? Are you using the back-bdb database type? back-hdb? back-ldbm? You need to provide a lot more information.



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