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Re: Regarding dn of openLDAP

"Anjali Arora" <anjalikool@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> Actually i have one confusion regarding dn of openLDAP and dn contains the attributes cn but
> i want to replace this attribute with my customised attribute.Please let me know whether it
> is possible or not. and if it is possible then what will be the attribute type and syntax
> for customised attribute.

The Distinguished Name, or to be more precisely, the Relative
Distinguished Name may be constructed of almost any attribute
type, it would not be wise to use an attribute type with binary syntax
or some such though. That is, if you create a private attribute type
to be used in a RDN, this attribute typ  may use any appropriate
syntax and appropriate matching rules. There is no strict requirement
for a particular set of attribute types to be used in a RDN.


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