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Question on bind using Kerberos Service Ticket.

   Im quite new to Openldap and am searching for answers to some
questions on a particular case i have, i'd be glad if some one could
help me out on this particular topic.

I have a situation where i have to perform an LDAP bind to a given
LDAP server with only being provided a service ticket to that
particular LDAP server and nothing else, i have already explored the
possibility of using SASL authentication method with GSSAPI as the
mechanism, however i guess the GSSAPI mechanism takes user credentials
as input and moves through the Kerberos protocol to finally provide
the LDAP server with the service ticket.

Im looking for a method where i can just provide the service ticket (
which i acquired form another host, where the client entered the
credentials and Kerberos returned with a service ticket ) to the LDAP
server and hope to achive the LDAP bind.

is there any ldap_bind method that just takes the service ticket as
input and allows a bind to take place, or is it possible to use a SASL
mechanism to make this happen, any suggestions will be appreceiated at
this time.