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Re: Filter - greater or equal - ORDERING

Andreas Schoe skrev, on 23-11-2007 10:18:

I want to use following filter: "uid>=branch" (greater or equal).

Well, my gq says that the attribute uid is caseignoreMatch for *equality*. IOW it's a string subtype match. You can't "greater or equal" a string, you can glob it or whatever and be subject to its rules.

Log entry: filter="(?=undefined)".

I searched the web and found out that I have to add an ORDERING rule to the
attribute type definition of 'uid'.

Is that right?

Nope, the filter is just wrong.

Where can I add this rule, in core.schema the type definition of 'uid' is a
comment. I uncomment it but slapd says the attribute is declared twice.

Much core.schema stuff is already built in to 2.3's slapd, that's why it's commented out in the text files. This attribute is one of them.

I can´t find any other entries. In cosine.schema the entry is a comment too.

That's life for you ;) You have a wrong filter, yours can never work, you need to look at your logic again.

Where did I found the definition?

This I can not parse. There is no other definition.


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl