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Re: Syncrepl, dumb question

gianni mazzini <maxione4@yahoo.it> writes:

> I am newbie, I am trying to configure Syncrepl beetwen 2 OpenLDAP servers.
> I have read FAQ, Admin's guide, mailing lists, but I didn't find any answer about my problem.
> The master server is on subnet and is working fine.
> Now I am triyng to replicate it to another server in subnet.
> Replication from provider to consumer works good (if I write an entry in provider, it will be replicated to consumer), but if I try to write to consumer (ldapadd -x -D cn=Manager,dc=DOMAIN -W -f file.ldif) I get only this answer:
> adding new entry "cn=newentry,dc=DOMAIN"
> ldap_add: Referral (10)
>         referrals:
>                 ldap://,dc=DOMAIN

This is correct. The consumer answers a write operation request with a
referral. It is up to the client to follow this referral. ldapadd is
not able to follow referrals.

> but nothing appears in provider's log and LDAP databases.

Why should you find anything in the providers log?

> How can configure Syncrepl in order to write to consumer and replicate entries to provider too?

There is nothing to configure, just use a proper client application or
read man slapo-chain(5)


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