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Re: Supported RFC's and "features"

Clowser, Jeff (Contractor) wrote:
I'm also looking to feature match the Sun directory server (since that's
what it would be replacing). I need to know that it either supports a
given feature Sun supports, or that it doesn't and we have to determine
how important lack of said function is to us.

That's a fair statement. I'll note that many companies are doing this exact same evaluation, it's a well-trodden path. The first several overlays released in OpenLDAP 2.3 were commissioned by Hewlett-Packard to provide the features they needed to allow their own migration off Sun servers to OpenLDAP. Ultimately when someone is sufficiently motivated, whatever is desired will get implemented. (HP transitioned their entire internal global IT off of SunDS to OpenLDAP a year or so ago. In their case, they specified exactly what server/features they wanted, and that's what they got.)
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