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Re: Slurpd problems

On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 22:51 +0000, andylockran wrote:
> Buchan,
> I've just configured slurpd on a couple of servers running of the 2.3 rpms (latest) of your repo.
> When will you be upgrading to 2.4 - and will that mean I should reconfigure my servers to the new mechanism now?

The 2.4.6 packages in Mandriva "cooker" can be rebuilt on other
distributions. However, I will not be publishing binaries until I have
decided on which Berkeley DB version I will ship with them (so users of
the packages won't get nasty surprises on upgrades).

I hope to complete some testing in the next week or two ... and 'm
guessing 2.4.7 will be out about then.

Naturally, since slurpd no longer exists in 2.4, you will have to
migrate off slurpd to syncrepl ...