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Re: 2.4 and MMR examples?

Kimmo Koivisto wrote:

I'm now using  RHEL4 and Fedora DS with it's N-way multimaster replication
feature. I'm not totally happy with it and I would like to try Openldap 2.4

I would like to install at least three way MMR, with servers A,B and C.
Replication should be SSL-protected, but can manage without SSL too.

Is there any example configuration files available that I could start with?

Could not find example from FAQ and Administrator's Guide, could someone
provide links to the examples?

I think Gavin has been preparing an example for the Admin Guide. In the meantime, see the "mirrormode" keyword in slapd.conf(5) and test050 in the test suite.

Regards, Kimmo Koivisto .

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