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Re: Supported RFC's and "features"

--On November 15, 2007 3:02:29 PM -0500 "Clowser, Jeff (Contractor)" <jeff_clowser@fanniemae.com> wrote:

Unknown features:
- Per user resource limits (sizelimit, timelimit, idletimeout, etc).  I
think Howard Chu said OpenLDAP has some of this, but I haven't seen any
reference to it or how to use it in the docs (does this functionality
exist, and if so, is there any documentation?)

man slapd.conf, see the "limits" command

The ones that are really problematic are the lack of:

- RFC 2891 (server side sorting)

Why is this problematic? Server side sorting is a horrible waste of server CPU that's better served by the client doing sorting how it wants.



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