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[back-sql] possible?

Dear Openldaper,

I've been trying to develop a tool to automate the migration process
from ldap data in flat-file(bdb, gdbm) to back-sql (mysql).
I could successfully do it if those data is text/string, but
come to the binary; I'm kind of stuck for a while.

Is that really possible to store the jpeg/certificate data in mysql
tables, and let
the openldap retrieve those jpeg/certificate data from mysql correctly?

What did I tried?
I have the right set of tables because all those text data can be
retrieved correctly by slapd.

Then, I start using jpegPhoto as the first binary data type.
The column for jpegPhoto is defined as LONGBLOB datatype.
I tried to inject the tiny jpeg picture directly to that column by php,
and pull it back from the table. It works well picture can display.

But, with the ldapbrowser (from apache project). I can't retrieve the
data back through the ldap way (it said "invalid image").
I try to dump the data to ldif. The ldif totally different from base64
version of that picture file.
I'm so desperated right now.

Hope this make sense
Please Please suggest