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Re: Chaining Question: Passing errors from the updateref

Ben Spencer wrote:
A fairly basic question to confirm functionality (and options).

Currently, we have a fairly basic configuration of a "master" server and
then a couple of "slaves" using syncrepl and chaining. All is working great
(in this prototype). We have come across one point we would like to confirm

When an update is sent to a "slave", the updateref tells the slave to make
the update on the master and the client is non-the wiser. That is, until the
master returns an error. If the master returns an error (master unavailable
or master actually returned a non-zero error code), the slave returns the
referral to the client to the master and the client needs to connect to the
master to determine what's up (of course, the client might not have
permissions to do what it needs on the master to even be able to replicate
the same situation to get the same error message?)

Is the above the expected functionality?


Are there options for the above which would pass the error code from the
master to the slave to the client instead of passing the referral of the
master to the client?

You can set:

chain-return-error true



and "man slapo-chain"

Currently using 2.3.38.

Kudos to the OpenLDAP team. This is really pretty slick.

Thanks, but read the man page first! (man slapo-chain) ;-)


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