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strict ldif check

Hi everyone!

This may be a simple question but googling didn't help me at all.

Let's consider ldap add operation. According to RFC4511
  Fields of the Add Request are:

  - entry: the name of the entry to be added.  The server SHALL NOT
    dereference any aliases in locating the entry to be added.

  - attributes: the list of attributes that, along with those from the
    RDN, make up the content of the entry being added.  Clients MAY or
    MAY NOT include the RDN attribute(s) in this list.  Clients MUST
    NOT supply NO-USER-MODIFICATION attributes such as the
    createTimestamp or creatorsName attributes, since the server
    maintains these automatically.so adding something like

dn: uid=test,dc=edu,dc=ru
objectClass: testClass

while testClass classify uid as MAY attribute
is correct. Ain't I wrong? Though if you try to do it via OpenLDAP you get "Naming violation. Naming attribute uid is not present in entry."

Doesn OpenLDAP really violates RFC here? Or I just don't get something?

Thanks in advance!