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index doesn't work?

Dear all

I've configured accesslog overlay on our directory project because all
modification history is very (very) important for us. The most frequent
query (and currently the only query) to the accesslog database is to
look for modification to a certain record. Typically like this:


Currently the database behave strangely:

(reqAuthzID=uid=paul_smith,ou=contacts,ou=xxx,dc=xxx,dc=xxx) -> return
result in 4 seconds
(reqDN=uid=paul_smith,ou=contacts,ou=xxx,dc=xxx,dc=xxx) -> return result
in 4 minutes

The interesting thing: I have configured to index reqDN but not reqAuthzID:

I read the admin's manual (2.4), as in the manual the set up of index is
as simple as configure it in slapd.conf and run slapindex, which I did,
with no error at all.

[snip from slapd.conf]
database bdb
suffix  "cn=accesslog"
rootdn  "cn=admin,cn=accesslog"
rootpw  [hidden]
directory       "/var/lib/ldap-log"
index   reqDN,reqType eq

I also double checked /var/lib/ldap-log to confirm there is "reqDN.dbd"

The total number of modification records is around 50k. Openldap 2.3.27
running on Debian/x86

My question is: The 4 minute search time is not reasonable (Excel can do
much faster with same number of records), and not acceptable for our use
(because checking modification history is daily routine). How can I
improve it? What other information I didn't provider to have asked this
question properly? What else (besides admin manual which only described
indexing a few pages) should I read?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Best regards

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