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Re: matching on inherited attributes

El dom, 04-11-2007 a las 23:21 +0100, Hallvard B Furuseth escribiÃ:

> I suggest you (1) stop slapd, (2) dump your database with slapcat, (3)
> remove the inheritance and copy the meat of 'mail's definition into
> 'sldMailForwardTo' instead, (4) slapadd the database back, and (5)
> restart slapd.  Or if you don't want slapd to be down that long, you can
> rebuild the database in a separate directory - and change the database
> directory on the fly too, if you are using the config backend.
> It might be sufficient to run slapindex instead of slapcat-slapadd in
> this case, I don't know.  The simplest rule to remember is that if you
> mess with the definition of attributes that already exist in your
> database, you need to dump first and reload afterwards.

Thank you for your explicative answer.

What I did was:
- stop slapd.
- edit the schema file under slapd.d/cn=config/cn=schema
- start slapd

and the problem went away.

Now that you mention the necessity of dump/reload after attribute
definition change, I wonder if my data is corrupted in some way.