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Re: [Unofficial] OpenLDAP Weekly Newsletter Issue 2

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
--On Sunday, November 04, 2007 10:40 PM +0000 Gavin Henry
<ghenry@OpenLDAP.org> wrote:

I know, sorry for the confusion. It's not the first official though, as
we've had alpha and then Beta. They were officially released by our

Should I say first non-beta?

Hm... Those other releases came from the project, but OpenLDAP 2.4 was not officially announced until 2.4.6 was released. So, I guess I still see it as the first official 2.4 release. The others were alpha and beta pre-releases, right? ;)

2.4.6 is the first public release of 2.4 intended for general use. Anything prior to that was a Test Release.

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