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Re: New performance results

Em SÃb, 2007-11-03 Ãs 03:30 -0700, Howard Chu escreveu:
> OpenLDAP 2.3 has been unrivaled as the fastest directory server in the world 
> for the past two+ years, but today that's no longer true. Now OpenLDAP 2.4 
> takes over as the most scalable, most reliable, highest performing directory 
> server.
> Thanks to our friends on the Samba Project and at AMD, we've been able to do 
> some new benchmarks on an AMD quad-processor server. We tested OpenLDAP (2.4.5 
> and 2.4.6) on Linux as well as Microsoft's AD offerings on Windows 2003, and 
> the results are now summarized on the Connexitor blog.
> http://connexitor.com/blog/
> (The AD numbers aren't all in yet, we're still waiting for the directory 
> import to finish.)

In the authentication and other online tests, were the ACLs on all
servers the same? Or no ACLs whatsoever? I suppose this would have an
impact on performance.