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2.4.6 ACLs and Extented Operations

Dear All,

It this a bad ACL?:

access to dn="ou=Users,dc=suretecsystems,dc=com"
        by self write
        by users read
        by anonymous auth

This was working fine on 2.3.39, but after an upgrade last night "getent
passwd" stopped working with error 50.

I can supply the full ACL and some sample data when I get a change.

But with loglevel 128, it looked like with was seeing "by auth" and not
"by anonymous auth"

Now, when we browse our Samba PDC that worked fine on 2.3.39, we are seeing:

conn=63 fd=32 ACCEPT from IP=X.X.X.X:39211 (IP=
conn=63 op=0 EXT oid=
conn=63 op=0 do_extended: unsupported operation ""
conn=63 op=0 RESULT tag=120 err=2 text=unsupported extended operation

and it goes very slowly.

Any ideas?

I'll obvoiusly doc this up in our migration section later.


Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
OpenLDAP Engineering Team.

E ghenry@OpenLDAP.org

Community developed LDAP software.