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Re: setting up admin password on openldap

<quote who="Naufal Sheikh">
> Vi ...

Come on, what sort of answer is that? How can we possibly help if you
don't provide concrete information.

What command do you type to make the modification?


What were the exact arguments?

> On 10/30/07, Gavin Henry <ghenry@suretecsystems.com> wrote:
>> <quote who="Naufal Sheikh">
>> > Hello Piotr,
>> >
>> > I tried to do what you said. Initially my root dn just contained
>> > cn=nsadmin,
>> > and thus I caould not start slapd. Then I added to rootdn my suffix as
>> > well,
>> > and unhashed the rootpw line in slapd.conf. I tried using a clear text
>> > "secret" as well as hashed value created through slappasswd and
>> putting
>> it
>> > in the slapd.conf. In both cases, when I modify the entry and it asks
>> me
>> > to
>> > give ldap password, it says invalid credentials.
>> How are you trying to modify? What tool?