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Re: Access Control by group

On Friday 26 October 2007 23:48:49 Jason Dearborn wrote:
> Quanah pointed out we're running a pretty old version, which could be the
> culprit.  I know + signs in sets aren't supported.  I'm slightly less than
> enthusiastic about upgrading since we rely on LDAP+Samba groups. It's been
> a few years since I slogged through that implementation, but it may be time
> to revist.

I don't know why you think a client application would have problems after 
upgrading OpenLDAP, but I note that I am running our (minimally used - we 
have much more important things running against OpenLDAP) samba DC on RHEL4 
against OpenLDAP 2.3.

Please note that my packages allow you to run both the original RHEL4 2.2.13 
and my 2.3 packages in parallel if you want (e.g. on different IPs or ports), 
making it quite painless to "upgrade".