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Using paged results, between 2.2.26 and 2.3.38.

I've got a number of auditing/update/query programs that make use of the
paged results extension for large queries

Since upgrading the server to 2.3.38 from 2.2.26, all these programs
have broken; they can retrieve the first page of results, but any
attempt top fetch the next page results in a "paged results cookie is
invalid or old" error.  The client programs and the server platform
(Redhat AS3) are both unaltered between server versions.

I can't find any references to changes with respect to paged results in
CHANGES, except for the deadlock in bdb problem being fixed.

Would anyone be able to provide some advice for debugging this, perhaps
being able to see the cookie being assigned by the server and what the
client is offering back?