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RE: Openldap upgrade/migration

--On Tuesday, October 23, 2007 3:01 PM +1000 Ravi Rajasekharuni <ravi.rajasekharuni@au.issworld.com> wrote:

Thanks Quanah.

I am thinking of installing RED HAT LINUX 7.3 on another computer and
install openldap 1.2.13.

If I have the above environment, can I copy /etc/openldap and
/usr/share/openldap date to this PC and export the database.

You can try. You could also just try downloading and building it yourself on any existing hardware, and see if that works.

Assuming above env is right, after exporting data to LDIF format, how
can import LDIF to new version of Openldap (2.2 version) running on Red
Hat Enterprise Linux 4.

man slapadd



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