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Re: loglevel question

Quanah Gibson-Mount writes:
>--On Sunday, October 21, 2007 1:55 PM +0200 Piotr Wadas
><pwadas@jewish.org.pl> wrote:
>> Can I set "loglevel" option only for particular database, or
>> all databases of particular backend (any slapd version) ?
>> man slapd-<backend> does not mention about it, and the loglevel
>> option is marked global in slapd manpage, however
>> Options described in this section apply to all backends, unless
>> specifically overridden in a backend definition."

[Rearranging reply]:

> AFAIK, that is not possible with loglevel, if you want to save
> yourself some time.

Right, the loglevel is a global variable.  And that doesn't look
like it could be easily changed either, since much of the logging
happens outside of the backend which handles the meat of the

> Did you read the manpage for the backend in question to see if it
> could be overridden?

No, what slapd.conf(5) calls a "backend definition" a bit earlier is
a section of slapd.conf starting with "backend <foo>".  And what it
means is apparently either that or a "database <foo>" section, at
least in the case of "sizelimit" and "access" statements.  Could use
some clarification, I'll file a documentation ITS for it.