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Re: Support of LDAP assertions in openLDAP backends

Dieter Kluenter wrote:

"Antonio Alonso" <antonio.alonso@ericsson.com> writes:

Hi !

   We are interested in deploying an openLDAP-based directory supporting the assertions control
as defined in RFC 4528.

   According to http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/645.html (list of LDAPv3 features/
extensions supported
by the OpenLDAP server) openLDAP 2.3 already supports the assertion contol (we only need to use
it in the
LDAPModify operation) but I am not sure about the backends taking care of it (back-ndb and/or
back-ldbm would
be ok for us). Could any of you provide us this info?
   I was checking the mail archives, but I did not find the answer â.

As this is a DSA operation no backend is envolved, just calling a modify operation according to RFC 4528 will be sufficient.

No. Assertion is only supported by back-bdb and back-sql. -- -- Howard Chu Chief Architect, Symas Corp. http://www.symas.com Director, Highland Sun http://highlandsun.com/hyc/ Chief Architect, OpenLDAP http://www.openldap.org/project/