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Re: Export/Import LDAP database with passwords

Em Sex, 2007-10-19 Ãs 01:37 -0700, Gilles Schlienger escreveu:
> Hi,
> I would like to export an existing Openldap database on a local new Openldap install?
> I exported the data in an LDIF file, but it does not contain the passwords

If you used ldapsearch, most likely ACLs prevented you from reading the
userPassword attribute. Assuming these are the passwords you are talking
about (i.e., simple bind passwords, and not some sasl stuff).

> What are my options ?
> 1. Can I export data with passwords ?

Sure. Use ldapsearch with appropriate credentials that can read all the
userPassword attributes, or just use slapcat to create a "dump" file.

> 2. Can I set default passwords to all my person objects with a script ?

You can do whatever you want with the resulting ldif file.