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Re: Problems with initial install of OpenLDAP

Gar Nelson writes:
> adding new entry "dc=nws,dc=noaa"
> ldap_add: Server is unwilling to perform (53)
>        additional info: no global superior knowledge
> (...)
> Content of slapd.conf: (comments removed)
> (...)
> suffix          "dc=ggw,dc=nws,dc=noaa"

Your slapd can only hold entries with DNs ending in your suffix.
"dc=nws,dc=noaa" is "outside" that subtree, hence it must be elsewhere -
but you didn't tell slapd where.

The fix is to either remove the "dc=nws,dc=noaa" entry from your LDIF
or to change your suffix to "dc=nws,dc=noaa".