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Re: slapd still allows bind but returns no data

On 10/11/07, Josh M. Hurd <JoshH@revenuescience.com> wrote:
> I have been fighting with this issue for a couple months now and I
> really need a solution.
> I have 2 openldap servers recently upgraded to 2.3.38 with a brand
> new rebuilt bdb from an LDIF dump.
> The 2 servers sit behind a load balancer (read-only) and provide
> basic authentication for about 300 linux servers.
> There's not much traffic on them but those who need access need access.
> The problem is they stop returning data, slapd is still running
> otherwise seems ok.
> You can still bind to them using rootdn with no issues.
> I found an old thread describing a similar problem that suggested an
> upgrade which I did.
> I was using 2.2.13 now upgraded to 2.3.38

When you say "using rootdn with no issues" do you mean that data is
returned if you use rootdn, or that BIND (the operation) seems to work
(shows up in the logs) but no data comes back even with rootdn (vs
other dn's allowed in your acl's)?