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Re: slapd still allows bind but returns no data

I agree with the other comments. Whenever I've seen this problem (i.e.,
you can connect, but then things just seem to hang), it's always been a
problem with the backend. I'll bet if you run slapd in the foreground
with debug output you'll see it just hang whenever it tries to do a search.

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Josh M. Hurd wrote:
> I have been fighting with this issue for a couple months now and I
> really need a solution.
> I have 2 openldap servers recently upgraded to 2.3.38 with a brand new
> rebuilt bdb from an LDIF dump.
> The 2 servers sit behind a load balancer (read-only) and provide basic
> authentication for about 300 linux servers.
> There's not much traffic on them but those who need access need access.
> The problem is they stop returning data, slapd is still running
> otherwise seems ok.
> You can still bind to them using rootdn with no issues.
> I found an old thread describing a similar problem that suggested an
> upgrade which I did.
> I was using 2.2.13 now upgraded to 2.3.38
> My level of knowledge of OpenLDAP is probably just above novice so I
> don't have a good base for trouble shooting.
> This is causing HUGE disruption and needs to be fixed immediately so any
> and all help is much appreciated.
> I turned on debug logging (-s 1) this morning so should have a bit of
> data to share with you if need be.
> Thanks,
> Josh