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Re: slapd still allows bind but returns no data

--On Thursday, October 11, 2007 11:45 AM -0700 "Josh M. Hurd" <JoshH@revenuescience.com> wrote:

I have been fighting with this issue for a couple months now and I really
need a solution.

I have 2 openldap servers recently upgraded to 2.3.38 with a brand new
rebuilt bdb from an LDIF dump.
The 2 servers sit behind a load balancer (read-only) and provide basic
authentication for about 300 linux servers.
There's not much traffic on them but those who need access need access.

Can you share your slapd.conf, minus passwords?

Is it slapd that stops responding to queries, or the load balancer? I.e., are you testing queries via the LB, or directly to slapd, when this happens?

Also, debug logging would be -d -1.  -s is syslog level to use.



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