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Re: Client application connection pool and OpenLDAP

On Thursday 11 October 2007 15:23:14 Sylvain Belleau wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a Java application (that works with Novell JLDAP) as a client to
> OpenLDAP.  This application
> use a connection pool in which 5 connections are open when it is started
> and maintain
> until the application is stopped.  That means, the application send search,
> compare, update command to OpenLDAP through each of the 5 connections
> without closing the
> connections between each command that is sent to OpenLDAP.
> Does OpenLDAP support application that use a connection pool ?  In other
> words, does OpenLDAP
> release its memory after each command (search, ADD, ...) that is executed
> or it release
> its memory after the client application close the socket ?
> I'm asking this question because memory used by OpenLDAP keep growing
> until it exceed the capacity of Linux.

Our production RADIUS servers use connection pooling to our OpenLDAP servers, 
each of the 3 RADIUS servers using 8 persistent connections (to 4 
load-balanced LDAP servers, thus an average of 6 connections to each slave 
just for RADIUS). We don't see this behaviour. We are running 2.3.x (at 
present 2.3.34, have some work to do regarding other features I need before I 
upgrade them to 2.3.38) on RHEL4 ES x86_64.

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