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Re: Client application connection pool and OpenLDAP

Sylvain Belleau wrote:

I have a Java application (that works with Novell JLDAP) as a client to OpenLDAP. This application
use a connection pool in which 5 connections are open when it is started and maintain
until the application is stopped. That means, the application send search, compare, update command to OpenLDAP through each of the 5 connections without closing the
connections between each command that is sent to OpenLDAP.

Does OpenLDAP support application that use a connection pool ? In other words, does OpenLDAP
release its memory after each command (search, ADD, ...) that is executed or it release
its memory after the client application close the socket ?

I'm asking this question because memory used by OpenLDAP keep growing
until it exceed the capacity of Linux.

I use RHEL v.4 with OpenLDAP v.2.2.13

Someone told me, I should not have any memory leak with this version and probably that OpenLDAP
release its memory only when the socket with the client application is closed. he also said that I should not use a connection pool to send ldap command to OpenLDAP. Do you agree with that ?

I think both comments from this person are incorrect:

1) 2.2.13 can have dozens of leaks and in any case is not supposed to be reliable at all. Current OpenLDAP is 2.3.38, which is few years more recent than 2.2.13

2) you can safely pool as many connections as your server can accept (in the order of thousands).

Of course, unless you upgrade to a very recent 2.3, you won't get much useful support.


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