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Re: empty db

Don't forget to update /etc/syslog.conf to point local4.* to
/var/log/openldap.log. You'll need to SIGHUP syslogd.

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Gavin Henry wrote:
> Dan Denton wrote:
>> That's interesting. I using the self compiled version from openldap.org
>> (2.3.38), and I have no file by either of those names on my server, and
>> nothing in the "prefix" directory specified at compile time. Is it an
>> option
>> that has to be enabled at compile?
> No, no ;-)
> If you compiled yourself, you have to enable syslog for OpenLDAP and
> then *you* can pick where your log file lives.
> The fact Richard mentioned "service ldap start" means he's on a RPM
> based distro, and the log files usually live in /var/log/*
> Hope that clears things up.